Robert G. Norris
Welcome my friends!
Hello, my name is Robert and I'd like to thank you for joining me here on our journey through the stars aboard tiny planet Earth. I’m the owner and operator of My 2 Cents Images, a small photography studio in Las Vegas, NV, specializing in portrait and head shot photography.
I've been a photographer for over 30 years. I'm originally from New York and have been involved in many a great project. I am focused (pun intended) on making the best portrait of you as possible. You are beautiful, stupendous and your profile picture on you social media sites should reflect that awesomeness that is you.
I've had many clients over the years and I would like to make you one of those special people. I started out in the days of the film camera and worked on projects ranging from museum pieces, landscapes, weddings and forensics. I started by taking photography and design classes in college but was drawn to a career in the police department. While having done most of my work for police investigations I also had time to freelance in the photo-journalistic arena making images of current events throughout my years in the field.
Now in my later years when I find myself older and not as able to keep up with the quick pace I find the slower pace of portrait work is more suited for me to pursue. This brings us to the current day when I can bring the knowledge of photography to fulfill the needs of folks who require the kind of photos I can give them. In a town full of people who want to break into show business it’s not to hard to find people who need the services of a photographer. Hope some of the images you see here will invoke a feeling in you of the story being told.
Hoping your day is filled with happiness and love!
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